Honda Click 125cc 2018

Honda Click 125cc 2018 Honda Click 125cc 2018


Days Cost
1 day ฿ 300
3 days ฿ 600
7 days ฿ 1200
30 days ฿ 3000
60 days ฿ 5600
90 days ฿ 8100


  • Phratamnak:
  • Central & Jomtien:
  • Na Jomtien & Naklua:
  • Ambasador & Sukhumvit:
  • ฿ 150
  • ฿ 250
  • ฿ 400
  • ฿ 500
Interested in renting a scooter Honda Click 125 New in Pattaya?
We present to your attention Honda Click 125 New. Surprisingly versatile model for a small money.
With this scooter you can travel all around Thailand, look stylish, and not spend a lot of money on gasoline. Why do you need to choose this model?
Motorcycle benefits:

1. A little about the technical characteristics. Engine size increasing to 125 cubes, which makes it possible to control the scooter easely. LED headlights, which makes it possible to drive comfortably in the evening and at night time.
2. The Honda Click 125 is new, compared to its predecessor Honda Click 125i, with a more informative display, daily mileage, fuel consumption and battery charge information have been added.
3. Installed a start-stop system, which significantly reduces fuel consumption in urban mode. Although the motorbike consumes quite a bit of gasoline.
4. Color palette. Your choice of 7 colors, among which you can choose your favorite.
5. The lineup of 2018. You can be sure that motorbikes are in excellent condition, with low mileage, and they will faithfully serve you for the duration of the lease.

Who is suitable for Honda Click 125cc New?

Renting a scooter in Pattaya - is a very convenient way to see as much as possible.
You will get your freedom of movement in Thailand. To whom do we recommend the Honda Click 125 New scooter?
For those who are looking for a middling: cheap, easy to manage, economical, they are not catchin the stars from the sky, but it will travel everywhere and always.