Honda CBR 250cc 2010

Honda CBR 250cc 2010 Honda CBR 250cc 2010 Honda CBR 250cc 2010 Honda CBR 250cc 2010


Days Cost
1 day ฿ 600
3 days ฿ 1200
7 days ฿ 2400
30 days ฿ 6000
60 days ฿ 11000
90 days ฿ 15000


  • Phratamnak:
  • Central & Jomtien:
  • Na Jomtien & Naklua:
  • Ambasador & Sukhumvit:
  • ฿ 150
  • ฿ 250
  • ฿ 400
  • ฿ 500
Interested in renting a motorbike in Pattaya?
We present to your attention Honda CBR250R.
The model of the budget sports motorcycle Honda CBR250R was first introduced in 2011 and was intended primarily for Thailand and India.
Why do you need to choose this model?
Motorcycle benefits:

1. Suitable for beginners. It is very light and extremely easy to manage. At the same time it is a worthy sport-class motorcycle.
2. The main feature of the Honda CBR250R is a 1-cylinder engine - the sport bike should have cool technical features!
3. Girls loves a men on this bike, a lot! You will really catch an enthusiastic eye when you go to Pattaya on this sportive animal.

Who is suitable for Honda CBR 250R motorcycle?
Renting a motorbike in Pattaya is a very convenient way to see as much as possible.
You will get your freedom of movement in Thailand. For whom we recommend the Honda CBR 250R motorcycle?
This is a sports model that touches even just by it's appearance. Suitable for those who love risk and speed.