Yamaha GT 125cc 2017

Yamaha GT 125cc 2017 Yamaha GT 125cc 2017 Yamaha GT 125cc 2017 Yamaha GT 125cc 2017


Days Cost
1 day ฿ 250
3 days ฿ 500
7 days ฿ 1000
30 days ฿ 2500
60 days ฿ 4600
90 days ฿ 6600


  • Phratamnak:
  • Central & Jomtien:
  • Na Jomtien & Naklua:
  • Ambasador & Sukhumvit:
  • ฿ 150
  • ฿ 250
  • ฿ 400
  • ฿ 500
Interested in renting a scooter in Pattaya?
Yamaha GT 125 - this model takes first place in its class. Why do you need to choose this model?
Motorcycle benefits:
1. Sportive design Yamaha GT 125 will attract the views of others.
2. Alloy wheels, Full LED lamps and a sports suspension will give you maximum driving comfort.
3. For very little bit of money you get a really standing motorbike, on which you can move not only in Pattaya, but throughout Thailand. Wanted to go to Bangkok or Ayutthaya at the morning? You are welcome!

Who is suitable for Yamaha GT 125?
Renting a motorbike in Pattaya - is a very convenient way to see as much as possible.
You will get your freedom of movement in Thailand. For whom do we recommend the Yamaha GT 125 motorbike?
If you are limited in your budget, but still want to ride a decent motorbike, then this model is just for you. This kinds of motorcycles that sink deeply into many souls, because this iron horse will show you all of Thailand.