Yamaha Tricity

Yamaha Tricity Yamaha Tricity Yamaha Tricity Yamaha Tricity


Days Cost
1 day ฿ 450
3 days ฿ 900
7 days ฿ 1800
30 days ฿ 4500
60 days ฿ 8000
90 days ฿ 10500


  • Phratamnak:
  • Central & Jomtien:
  • Na Jomtien & Naklua:
  • Ambasador & Sukhumvit:
  • ฿ 150
  • ฿ 250
  • ฿ 400
  • ฿ 500
Interested in renting a motorbike in Pattaya?
We present to your attention the world's first serial three-wheeled scooter from the company Yamaha. The novelty has received the official name of the Yamaha Tricity 125. Why do you need to choose this particular model?
Motorcycle benefits:

1. The main feature of the scooter is, of course, its three-wheeled chassis. The third wheel gives a very high stability and stability on the road, better control over the motorbike. Incredible stability when driving on a straight road.
2. Until now, the appearance on the road Yamaha Tricity 125 is a real thrill, because it is a unique motorbike, thanks to its three wheels. Friends will definitely want to ride it!
3. Suitable for those who already know what motorcycles are. It will be difficult for beginners to get used to, but professionals often catch the buzz after renting this scooter.
4. Disc brakes. You can always be sure of the brakes on this scooter - they work perfectly.

Who is suitable for Yamaha Tricity 125?
Renting a motorbike in Pattaya - is a very convenient way to see as much as possible.
You will get your freedom of movement in Thailand. For whom do we recommend the Yamaha Tricity 125 motorbike?
To the unorthodox people who always want to try something new, including a three-wheeled scooter from Yamaha.