Honda Forza 300cc 2013

Honda Forza 300cc 2013 Honda Forza 300cc 2013 Honda Forza 300cc 2013 Honda Forza 300cc 2013 Honda Forza 300cc 2013


Days Cost
1 day ฿ 600
3 days ฿ 1200
7 days ฿ 2400
30 days ฿ 6000
60 days ฿ 11000
90 days ฿ 15000


  • Phratamnak:
  • Central & Jomtien:
  • Na Jomtien & Naklua:
  • Ambasador & Sukhumvit:
  • ฿ 150
  • ฿ 250
  • ฿ 400
  • ฿ 500
Interested in renting a big scooter in Pattaya?
We present to your attention the Honda Forza 300. If you want to feel relaxed, this is a motorcycle of the dreams for many people!
Why do you need to choose this model?
Big scooter benefits:

1. Honda Forza 300 is a real sofa on wheels. It have a lot of space for your feet, and it's really comfortable. It is a pleasure to overcome significant distances on city roads with this scooter. Designers whos developed this model are took care not only of modern design, but also about the comfort of the driver and passenger.
2. That design! Yeah, many people are ready to give their souls to ride on this magnificent motorbike on the roads of Thailand. Treat yourself to a new level of prestige and comfort.
3. This is a sports model that will ask you to travel the whole Thailand up and down with it. This  cigarette lighter 12 V will help you to charge your phone. And believe me, you will be really glad to make a trip around Thailand with the Honda Forza 300. The maximum speed is 140 km per hour.
4. Huge trunk. Another plus for this bike.

Who is suitable for Honda Forza 300 motorbike?
Renting a motorbike in Pattaya is a very convenient way to see as much as possible.
You will get your freedom of movement in Thailand. For whom we recommend the Honda Forza 300 motorbike?
If you have played motorcycle racing as a child, then this is a great chance to try yourself in the role of that same rider in real life.
And it's just a very comfortable motorcycle for those who can afford a premium level.